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Beaded Set of Necklace and Bracelet in Bright Pink
Multi strands bright pink necklace and bracelet will be perfect for spring and summer season. P..
Black Necklace
Gentle black necklace with  black silk ribbon. The ribbon allows this colorful bib to be adjust..
Black Poppy Brooch
Брошь из черного мака. Черные цветочные украшения.Элегантная брошь с маком из черной кожи, кристалла..
Blue Cornflower Brooch
Голубая брошь Василек. Handmade, прекрасный синий цветок василька - брошь из кожи, кристаллов Сваров..
Colourful Beaded Necklace
Colourful Beaded Statement Necklace. It is Very Lovely and Elegant colorful Necklace of red, w..
Darling Red Bow Brooch. Rhinestone Bow Brooch
Милая брошь с красивыми красными кристаллами и бисером. Красивый цвет красных кристаллов Сваровски н..
Grace Necklace
Gentle graceful white and blue necklace with silver accents and a white silk ribbon. The ribbon allo..
Handmade Knitted  Electric Blue Bag
Chic and Elegant Handmade Blue Electric Bubble Shoulder Bag, Gift for Her, Everyday Trendy Handbag. ..
Handmade Knitted Grey Bag
Unique. Bold. Handmade. Size L - 22 cmHandmade Knitted Grey Bag / Crochet Luxury Shoulder Bag / ..
Handmade Knitted Indigo ( Blue) Bag
Unique. Bold. Handmade. Size M -20 cm Indigo is a deep and rich color close to the color wheel ..
Handmade Knitted Plum Color Bag
Unique. Bold. Handmade. Small Size - 18 cmHandmade Knitted Plum Color Bag / Chic and Elegant Handmad..
Handmade Ostrich Feathers Tassel Earrings in Pale Pink
Earrings are made of natural ostrich feathers of pale pink color decorated with Swarovski  bead..
Handmade Tassel Earrings from Ostrich Feather in Grey
Those luxury grey tassel earrings are made with Swarovski crystals on it and natural ostrich feather..
Handmade Two Knit Stitch Patterns Bag (Charcoal and Light Grey)
Be Bold with these 2 Knit Stitch Patterns Bag of Charcoal and Light Grey. Large size-22 cmChic and E..
Pineapple brooch
Pineapple brooch. Add some bling to your wardrobe with a darling jewelry piece. A pretty and el..
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