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This High End Necklace is dramatic and elegant. It is One of a Kind Jewelry. Every piece will be similar but not exact. Please keep it in mind.

This necklace features Snake charm suspended from beadeds chain. Colorful glass beadeds, Swarovski crystals are of red and black colors, that add a nice touch of color to the piece. 

This is a perfect piece for your jewelry collection.

This statement jewelry piece is totally handmade and full of intriguing details.

The necklace is made with the use of sequins, czech beads, Swarovski crystals that shines with the hundreds of tiny glitter parts.

It will be a perfect gift for the lovers of the Gothic style, fantasy or fairytales. 

Snake necklace, a bestseller in the shop! Wear this snake jewelry for a bold look. 

The ribbon allows this colorful bib to be adjusted for the perfect length, so it can be worn as different looks with different necklines. The ribbon can be knotted, tied in a bow and positioned where you prefer, or interchanged with other colors of ribbon or fiber. Perfect for a evening accessory, as part of evening fashion, as a deluxe gift. A statement necklace that is elegant and romantic.

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